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Probably the most inexpensive yet efficient trigger job available...

for only $17.99 ea

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Blast-Mate Percussion Shroud

End Trigger Travel with Trigger-Mate ™
Trigger-Mate play eliminator
    The Stainless Steel Trigger-Mate™
    includes ....
  • (1) SS 1/4"-28 Socket Head Bolt
  • (1) SS M4 Socket Set Screw
  • (1) SS 1/4" Star Washer
  • (1) 3/16" Allen Key
  • (1) 2mm (5/64") Allen Key
  • (1) 4 x 6 6mil Zip Lock

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  • Although a simple part it's the inclusion of both Allen Keys that set ours apart. The extra long M4 Allen Key is rare and generally unavailable - we supply it..

  • A Hollowed threaded 1/4"-28 replaces existing Grip bolt allowing an M4 Set screw to adjust away any trigger play permitting a tight snapping action.

  • Most Lowers are completely threaded however there are a few that aren't which require removal of the Socket Bolt's thread in order to pass through the unthreaded portion of the lower (as shown below).

    Trigger-Mate Screw unaltered Trigger-Mate Screw altered
  • Some Lowers use a bolt with an external nut. The nut can be re-used inside allowing the Trigger-Mate™ to be installed.
Only $17.99 Fits Standard AR Trigger Group

  •     Trigger-Mate ™ Play Eliminator

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