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US Patent No. 9,182,187

Integrated Muzzle Adapter Coupling System

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IMACS 3D IMACS adapter

  • Percussion Shrouds
  • Blast Redirectors
  • Gun cleaning solvent traps (oil/fuel filters)
  • Golf Ball Launchers
  • Tennis Ball Launchers
  • Soda Can Launchers
  • ... and any other lawful auxiliary device(s)


IMACS ™ adapter
IMACS adapter

Integrated Muzzle Adapter Coupling System
( Protected Under US Patent No. 9182187 )

The IMACS permits use of Fuel filters (WIX, NAPA, etc) as a cleaning solvent catch on threaded barrels with flash hiders plus various new auxilliary devices such as Percussion Shroud, Golf Ball Launcher, soon to come Tennis Ball / Soda Can Launcher, etc without the need to remove your flash hider!!!

only $39.99 ea Available Sizes

  •     1/2-28 IMACS ™ Adapter
                Re-Uses Existing Flash Hider

  •     5/8-24 IMACS ™ Adapter
                Re-Uses Existing Flash Hider

  •     14M-1 LH IMACS ™ Adapter
                Re-Uses Existing Flash Hider

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  • The Patented IMACS ™ allows the Muzzle Brake to re-attach for an Integrated Installation
  • No need to keep re-installing the adapter for each use. Install once and leave in place.
  • Our Engineered Threads are Designed to simultaneously fit both the 1"-14 (SAE) and 3/4" (NPT) Oil/Fuel/Hydraulic Filters, solvent catches, auxilliary devices and attachments. This is a clear advantage over single purpose thread adapters.
  • ALL 1"- 14 (SAE) and 3/4" (NPT) Oil/Fuel Filters fit over Conventional Bird Cage Style A2 Muzzle Brakes allowing for Quick and Easy Use.
  • 1"-14 (SAE) Filter choices include WIX-33528, 33674 and many others (cross manufactures to your preference).
  • 3/4" (NPT) filter choices includes the popular WIX-24003 Fuel Filter (same as NAPA-4003 Gold Fuel Filter)
  • The large IMACS auxilliary catch threads are protected with the included knurled thread protector sleeve. For other Muzzle Brakes - If a 1" Nut fits over your Muzzle Brake the IMACS ™ will work for your setup (.93" clearance)
  • Other popular use attachments inlcude the Blast-Mate, Sr ™ Percussion Shroud and Golf Ball Launchers
  • More brilliant auxilliary devices are on the way making the IMACS ™ adapter a must have
  • Best of all - Made in the USA*

  • Oil as you do your barrel. WD-40 works great as do all gun oils. MagPhosphate crystals store the oils and provides a long lasting barrier against rust

IMACS Installation

  • (1) IMACS Adapter with integrated 1"-14SAE and 3/4"NPT Threading
  • (1) IMACS Knurled Thread Protector Sleeve
  • (1) 2-1/2" OD Washer
  • (1) Crush Washer (1/2", 14MM or 5/8" matched to adapter choice)
  • Black MagPhosphate Treated - Exceeds Black Mil-Spec coating (MIL-C-13924C)
IMACS includes

ATF registration is NOT required for Solvent Trap adapters provided they are used solely for their intended purpose. It is a violation of Federal law to muffle the report of a firearm with an unregistered device/assembly. It is Federally permissible for an individual to make such a device but must first register and acquire ATF approval. If this is or becomes your intent it is your responsibility to review ATF regulations and seek their guidance so you may remain lawful in your endeavor. It is not our place to recite laws but want you to know where to get authoritative guidance. We are not responsible for anyone's violation of Federal Law or unintended use of these products - Thank You

IGC adapter IGC adapter

IGC assembly IGC assembly

IGC assembly IGC assembly IGC assembly

IGC assembly IGC assembly IGC assembly

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*   Adapters are "Made in the USA" with High quality USA Steel

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the IMACS ( Integrated Muzzle Adapter Coupling System ) is Protected under US Patent No. 9182187

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